Melissa Snyder: Student Doula

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I live a simple life off-grid with my partner, Jackson, and our daughter Stellar on five acres of peaceful land on north-east Kauai. We intend to transform the land into a healing arts educational center with a space for birthing and postpartum family care. I began my journey as a birth worker after birthing my own baby, Stellar Joy. She inspired me to be of service to women so that I may model healthy female relationships for her and to always look at myself to see where I can improve. My own refinement has led to my ability to be fully present with each family I am assisting.


I believe every mother has the right to birth in exactly the way she and her baby desire, free of intervention and with integrity. I am here to help you to be fully informed each step of the way so that you can make decisions best for your family.


I am available for physical, emotional and spiritual support for your practical daily life from pre-conception thru parenthood.


  • preconception consultations
  • birth doula
  • postpartum doula
  • available for breastfeeding help, cooking, cleaning, information resources, belly binds
  • placenta services: encapsulation, tincturing and art prints
  • birth photography and videography
  • pregnancy photography
  • elimination communication consultations
  • parenting support

What’s in my doula kit?

  • placenta encapsulation kit
  • La Bassine portable birth tub
  • Canon 5D mk II + 24-70L lens
  • belly binds
  • various baby carriers for demos before you buy
  • cloth diapers for demos
  • Lots of Love!!

Training & Education

  •  University of California, Los Angeles 2009 Bachelors degree Psychology
  • Stellar’s Birth, 2012 & Vervain’s Birth, 2015
  • Sacred Pregnancy Art of Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster, 2013
  • The Sacred Birthing School, 2014 Doula in training
  • Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, currently in training