Lana Olson, Certified Doula


 My doula career began before I ever knew what a doula was.
I took some HypnoBirthing classes with my sister and supported her throughout her pregnancy and labor.  It was a long and arduous labor for my sister and the hospital staff while it felt perfectly natural for me to remain present, calm, and attentive to her needs and those of my nephew on the way.  I was able to talk her through each stage and help her to focus on her inner experience despite people and machines whirling around her. She commented later that she only recalled her own feelings and my voice, which was pretty amazing since the hospital staff and the rest of our family were in and out of the space the entire time.  I was awed by the experience and I was equally amazed when the doctor asked if I “did this for a living”.  I had not known that providing loving presence, touch, words, and space could be a career.  It was the birth of both my nephew and my own calling to become a doula.  Since then I have taken a formal doula training, assisted mamas (and papas)-to-be in a variety of settings including home birth, birth center and hospital environments and provided pre-natal and post-partum support.
I believe that every pregnancy is special and every birth, a blessing.  Each one growing a baby…a mother…a father…a family…a community.  I work with each of my clients to tap into their own innate wisdom through talkstory (discussion), artistic expression, movement, and bodywork.  I enjoy meeting with mamas-to-be, hearing their birth vision and sharing my knowledge, experience, and energy as well as connecting families with the perfect doula for them. I am deeply grateful for your consideration and willingness to receive during this precious time in your life.

Me Ke Aloha