Melissa Nash

Student Doula

Melissa Nash

Student Doula


I live a simple, off-grid, homesteading life with my husband, Jackson, our daughter, Stellar and son, Vervain, on beautiful, peaceful land on north-east Kauai. We hold a vision to transform the land into a healing arts educational center with spaces for birthing and postpartum family care. And, so far, have hosted the birth of our son and the birth of a baby girl to another wonderful family.


I began my journey as a doula after birthing my daughter, Stellar Joy. She inspired me to be of service to other women after experiencing all the help that was so crucially needed during my sacred transformation from maiden to mother. Through serving in this way, I model healthy female relationships for my children and always look to see where I can improve.

My own refinement has given me the ability to be fully present with each family I am serving and to call on my own and other’s experiences to best assist you through your pregnancy, birth & postpartum.


I believe every mother has the right to birth in exactly the way she and her baby desire, where you feel best supported, free of unnecessary intervention and always with integrity. I am here to help you to be fully informed each step of the way so that you can make the best decisions for your family.


I am available for physical, emotional and spiritual support for your practical daily life from pre-conception through parenthood.


  • preconception consultations
  • birth doula – home and/or hospital
    postpartum doula
  • breastfeeding help, cooking, cleaning, informational resources, belly binds
  • placenta services: encapsulation, tincturing and art prints
  • birth photography and videography
  • pregnancy photography
  • elimination communication consultations
  • parenting support through the RIE/gentle/attachment parenting models
    What’s in my doula kit?

    • placenta encapsulation kit
    • La Bassine portable birth tub
    • Canon 5D mk II + 24-70L lens
    • belly binds
    • various baby carriers for demos before you buy
    • cloth diapers for demos
    • Lots of Love!!

    Training & Education

    • University of California, Los Angeles 2009 Bachelors degree Psychology
    • Stellar’s Birth, @ Home Birth Kaua’i 2012 & Vervain’s Birth, 2015 @ Stellar Gardens
    • Sacred Pregnancy – Art of Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster, 2013
    • The Sacred Birthing School, 2014 Doula in training
    • Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, 2013