Heather Seely


Heather Seeley


Instagram: @heatherseelydoula


DONA Doula Training
November 2017

Certified DONA Doula completion
September 2019

Barbara Essman’s
Sacred Birthing School Doula II Course
March 2020

Hello! My name is Heather Seely. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for all things pregnancy, birth and babies. When I became pregnant myself with my first daughter in 2013, I began a deep-dive into studying all I could about this transformative time. I gave birth to my second daughter in 2015 and am a busy full-time “Girl Mom”!


I attended DONA Doula workshop training in November of 2017. After this training I began attending both home and hospital births. I was also able to spend time as a volunteer Doula at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. The hours dedicated to helping women and their families in this setting solidified to me how important the work of a Doula is.

After moving to Kauai in 2018, I have continued my Doula education and experience here, becoming officially recognized as a DONA Certified Doula in September of 2019. I have also attended some of the wonderful Barbara Essman’s “Sacred Birthing School” Doula II course.

The time of pregnancy and birth is transcending and evolutionary for each Mother, no matter what the birth may look like for her. As a Doula, I hold in the highest regard my role to support and nurture every woman and her family who walks this road. You don’t have to do it alone! And you deserve a truly great Doula! I look forward to talking with you. We can work together to make yours a beautiful birth experience.


General Birth Education
Breastfeeding Education
Spinning Babies Education

Pre-natal Doula – Meeting at least twice prior to labor and birth.

Labor and Birth Doula – Support through entirety of labor, birth and for a few hours after birth.

Post-partum Doula – Meeting at least twice after birth, option to continue as hired post-partum help.

Massage – For both Mom and baby.