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Our Story

The Seven Sisters Doula Collective mission is to empower, educate and advocate for Kaua`i families to have safe and natural births free from unnecessary interventions.

We are a group of community women who come together to contribute our mana`o, heart and intuition on how best to support the highest good for each birthing family, and to provide that standard of care.  We gather to create global project ideas, offer local classes & conferences to educate the community and to make known the resources available here on Kaua`i.

The 7 sisters were companions to Artemis (Goddess of hunt, childbirth, protector of young girls, healer of women’s illnesses) as well as nursemaids and teachers to the infant Bacchus, or depending on the myth, the daughters of an Amazonian Queen and inventors of ritualistic dances.

Seven Sisters Midwives

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Certified Doulas on Kaua’i

Seven Sisters Student Doulas

Student Doulas on Kaua'i

Heaven Hurley, Student Doula

Ellora Jade Malhi, Student Doula

Paige Altamirano, Student Doula

Seven Sisters Founder, Birth & Doula Instructor